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Born Cass City, Michigan June 13, 1963

I always knew I’d be in radio. At age 8, I remember picking up a Wolfman Jack countdown show out of Canada. After that I was hooked!  Listened to WTAC, CKLW, WKNX, WHNN and WTRX growing up.  I remember sitting in the living room watching TV and at the same time, have ear plugs connected to a radio.  Sounds silly, but I just loved listening to radio.  Any kind of radio. 

Odd jobs before radio: garbage man (my Dad owned a sanitation route), worked on a farm baling hay and straw,  and I pulled chickens one summer (if you have ever done that job,  you know how much fun that job was!) Thankfully, I got into radio!

I enrolled in the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, MI. in Nov. 1981.

First radio gig: part-time weekend guy from 1979-81 at WKYO/WIDL in Caro. Worked in the horrible state of Ohio for about a year. Came back to Michigan and worked in Ionia for a few years.  In August 1985 was hired at WHNN Sunny 96 in Saginaw (thank you to Ken Carson and the great Dan Stewart!)   I was thrilled to join the station that once rocked Mid-Michigan and that I grew up listening to.  We were an adult contemporary station when I joined.  Then we flipped to Oldies. Now we have returned to Adult Contemporary.  


Hometown: Cass City, Mi. “Astronaut Brewster Shaw is also from Cass City. He got a salute on a billboard heading into town. What did I get? A friendly wave goodbye as I left town!”  Haha.  Actually, I still have family there and it was a great small town to grow up in.  Go Red Hawks!

Birthday: June 13

Education: Graduated from Cass City High School. Class of 1981. 

Marital/family status: Married to the best darn woman ever….her name is Karen. We have 2 incredible girls….Shelby and Haley. Truly the joys of my life!  And we now have a grandson, Ari.  Game changer!

Favorite music:  Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Doobie Brothers, anything from Motown and, my guilty pleasure, I like some of the bubblegum pop music of the late 60’s and early 70’s (i.e. The Archies, The Sweet, Andy Kim)

Hobbies:  Collecting vinyl….mostly classic rock, but classic country as well.   Plus, just hanging out with my family. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Favorite Sports teams: The Tigers and Lions!  For college, I always cheer on MSU and U of M!  But when they play each other, I lean Green & White (my brother and nephew are M.S.U. grads!)   

Favorite foods:  Home made pizza!  And I’ve never met a salad bar I didn’t like.  

Favorite TV Shows:  Fixer Upper….so I find out how much I DON’T know about remodeling projects.    And lovin’ the Food Network these days…I like to eat I guess.


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