Why Coke tastes better at McDonald’s

You’ve probably noticed by now that a Coke from McDonald’s really does taste better than a Coke from anywhere else. And thanks to the folks at Spoon University, we now know why. They did the research and found out these are the five reasons Coke is always best from Micky D’s.

Storage – They don’t have their Coca Cola delivered in plastic bags like other places, theirs comes in stainless steel containers because they help preserve the ingredients better. And that makes it taste fresher.

Temperature – The fast food giant even pre-chills the water and Coca Cola syrup before it hits the soda fountain. And they set the syrup ratio to allow for ice to melt, so they’re thinking ahead to make sure your Coke is amazing every time.

The straw – By now we’ve all noticed that the straws at McDonald’s is wider than other straws. Their website claims this is “so all that Coke taste can hit all your taste buds.”

Water filtration – There’s a “gold standard” at the golden arches that they work hard to achieve and that includes filtering water for the soda system. Cleaner water makes it taste better too.

So now we know their secret and can appreciate that icy cold Coke even more!