Rachel Geddes

Rachel Geddes

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 About Me

I was born in Bay City and raised right here in Saginaw. When I turned 18, I was ready for new adventures and ended up at Concordia University in Chicago where I played basketball and did an internship in television. (Took one radio class!) I’ve been on the air back here ever since I graduated along the way doing other radio jobs like: working at the front desk, filing in the business department, and doing promotions.  Somehow, I convinced my Flushing, MI raised hubby JR, to make the big move to Saginaw where we now reside with our 2 boys, Arlo and Miles. Hobbies? That’s funny! I’m a mom and a home owner. Those ARE my hobbies. Finding deals and shopping…. are those hobbies? Making last minute school projects with a glue gun. Yep. I do that too. Also, I’m addicted to HGTV and Hallmark Channel when the kids let me watch it, royal watching and Outlander.  Pre–kid hobbies included: reading, running, and gardening. Life is a constant struggle for balance and I have just recently realized that I may just have to settle for coffee and wine.