Randy Howell


About Me:

Born at Gratiot Community Hospital in Alma. Grew up in Gladwin-go Flying G’s!


Delta College-go Pioneers!


Started in radio when I was 15 at the Gladwin station, with a dream of one day working at Super Whnn! The rest is history.

Off Air Life:

I own and operate an entertainment company that employs several other dj’s. I love hosting Trivia a couple nights a week at area taverns. Check out Randy Howell Entertainment on Facebook!

Favorite Movies:

Shawshank, Quiz Show, Office Space, Basketball, Rain Man, A Few Good Men, Big and just about any movie about baseball.

Favorite Music:

Classic Rock, Classic Country, a little bit of everything. Love to listen music from the 50’s to the 80’s, especially songs that don’t get a lot of airplay.

Favorite Food:

Anything bar-b-que, fresh garden tomatoes, watermelon and love reuben sandwiches!

Favorite Drink:


5 Things You’re Obsessed With:

1. My bloodhound, Orson.

2. My kids.

3. My grandkids.

4. re-arranging furniture.

5. I really don’t have obsessions, just normal living and interests.

People Say I Look Like:

Tom Selleck, The Big John’s Steak and Onion Guy, Juan Valdez and Mark Twain.

Favorite Quote:

“Accept a challenge and set the course.” -John Glen

One Thing About Me People Don’t Know:

I’m pretty much an open book, if there’s something people don’t know about me, it’s because I won’t tell!