Jimmy-O Show!

Jimmy O

About Me:

Born in Bay City Oct. 27, 1960
Class of ’78 Bay City Central High.


Associates from Delta College
Bachelor’s from University of Michigan Ann Arbor.


  • High School radio at Bay City Central.
  • Booth Announcer at Channel 19 in the 1979-80 season.
  • Interned at WSGW and answered phones for the “Sportsline” show.
  • Reporter/News Anchor and air personality for WXOX Bay City between 1980 and 88.
  • Started working at WHNN in February of 1985.
  • Worked in Toledo at WWWM and WOHO from 88 to 92.
  • Came back to WHNN in 1993 and here ever since.

Off Air Life:

I enjoy paricipating in tennis and bowling. Enjoy watching Football and Baseball.

Favorite Movies:

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Wizard of Oz; the classics.
Anything with Huntz Hall or Orson Welles.

Favorite Music:

What we play on WHNN. I appreciate all forms of music.

Favorite Food:


Favorite Drink:

Diet Coke.

5 Things You’re Obsessed With:

1. Movies

2. Food

3. Music

4. Can I say, women?

5. Good times.

People Say I Look Like:

I’ve had people say comedian Gilbert Gottfried and Billy Crystal. George Clooney….NOT.

Favorite Quote:

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain….” Wizard of Oz.

One Thing About Me People Don’t Know:

I collect back issues of TV Guide from 50’s and 60’s. Let me know if you have any you want to give to me. 🙂