Volunteers of America

This month WHNN is partnering with Volunteers of America Michigan to offer you a mid-month FLASH SALE where you will get 50% off ALL items on Tuesday on December 12th! To pay it forward, we hope you’ll take those savings and use them to buy a gift card to pay it back to someone else in need. Just go into the Saginaw Volunteers of America store, experience the half off flash sale on Tuesday December 12th and use your savings to buy any denomination of gift card to give back to someone in need! That’s not all though! Not only are we going to be giving you a half off flash sale in the middle of the month but we’ll also be giving 4 lucky winners a $25 gift card each day leading up to the sale! Listen for your chance to win!!

CLICK HERE for contest rules.

CLICK HERE to make a direct donation to Volunteers of America!