9-2-5 Lucky Numbers Game on WHNN!


The numbers 9, 2 and 5 could turn out to be lucky #’s for you!    96.1 WHNN announces the 9-2-5 Lucky Numbers Game!   Listen weekdays at 9am, 2pm and 5pm.   That’s 9 – 2 and 5.   Listen at those times to win your share of thousands of dollars of FREE GAS!  Everytime we play the Lucky Numbers  game, lucky caller #16 wins $50 in FREE GAS!   We’ll  play at 9am with Johnny Burke and Blondie and give away $50 in Free Gas!   Then, when 2pm rolls around,  Bob Moore will giveaway another  $50 in Free Gas! And at 5pm during the Workday Wrap-up with Scott Stine?  Yep,  it’s another $50 in Free Gas!   All you have to do is listen Monday thru Friday at those times to win!   Give your pocketbook a break…..listen and win some free gas with the 9-2-5 Lucky Numbers game from Michigan’s Greatest Hits…96.1 WHNN!    

CLICK HERE for official contest rules.