Sean Payton interested in return to coaching for ‘right situation’

Sean Payton said he would return to coaching in the NFL next season should the right situation come along.

Payton’s recent comments on a NewOrleans.Football podcast came approximately eight months after he informed the Saints that he wouldn’t return to the organization following 15 seasons as its head coach. Payton currently is an analyst for FOX Sports.

“I really enjoy what I’m doing right now, more maybe than I thought,” Payton said. “If the right situation presented itself, I would definitely be interested. And there’s no utopia, if you will, when it comes to teams.

“If I felt like it was the right situation, I would have an interest in that. That all being said that could come in a year, that could come in two years. In the meantime, you do get immersed with what you’re currently doing, like you want to be good at it and not just doing it. I’ve kind of just been focused on that.”

Payton elaborated on what constitutes “the right situation,” citing having the proper working relationships with both ownership and the front office.

Payton, 58, compiled a 152-89 record in the regular season and a 9-8 mark in the playoffs. He was suspended for the 2012 season over his role in the “Bountygate” scandal. Payton led the Saints to the Super Bowl championship in the 2009 season.